Partnerships and Collaborations

Musical works made for individuals or companies since January 2020.

All the audios had their master made by the international producer Giovani Goulart.

My Âncora

Music for Podcast

Meraki Rituals

Music for Meditation

Darren Cockburn

Musical Collaboration

My Âncora Podcast

Creation and production of music and audio signature for meditation podcast

My Ancora Podcast Music
00:00 / 05:36

My Ancora is a podcast with mindfulness meditations.

Hosted by Manuela and available in all the platforms, including Insight Timer.

"Fátima's music allowed me to create a sound identity for my project,
as if it were a conducting thread.
It transformed my meditations, making them unique and special."

Meditation for Candle Ritual #1 from Meraki Rituals

Creating and producing meditation music to go together with a special product

Meditação para o Ritual nº1 Vela
00:00 / 02:26

Meraki Rituals is a project that transforms lives through unique rituals that combine crystals, handicrafts and natural products with therapeutic arts.

This meditation was created to accompany Candle Ritual nº1 of Self Love and Connection. For more information on meditation, follow the link:

""The music of this meditation is a gift that arises from the indescribable talent of a woman who, besides being a friend, is a mentor. (...)
Each note accompanies the voice and content with peace, love and harmony. "

World Evolving with Darren Cockburn

Working together with a songwriter

World EvolvingDarren Cockburn
00:00 / 03:20

Darren is coach, writer and mindfulness teacher.

He has two published books and a podcast about mindfulness.

"It was a delight working with Fatima who skilfully supported me
in manifesting something that went far beyond my own creative concept.
If you ever decide to work with Fatima you will surely be blessed with
creativity and an abundance of positive energy!"
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