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Free Meditations

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Meditation: Mp3 Download

Download here the mp3 of my meditations: the ones you love from Insight Timer and others that you won't find anywhere else!
In the player below you can still hear the first 30 seconds of each meditation.

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Hand Tailored Audios

Imagine an audio with your goals, your gratitude feelings and that music that empowers your emotions ... Welcome to my customised audio service!

When we say that we want to receive "more money",

the next day we find a cent on the street... and we are already getting what we asked to the universe...
This is just one of the reasons why it is so important to be clear and objective in our goals and dreams.
The more specific our statements are,
the more likely the universe is to understand and
make us manifest exactly what we want.

What amount do you want to receive?
What city would you love to travel?
What job do you want to manifest?
What are the characteristics of the person you want to attract?

This service includes:​

  1.  Rephrasing your statements into powerful affirmations

  2. Recording the voiceover with the affirmations

  3. Creation of empowering music and adapted to your taste

  4. Quality audio production and mixing with the final result


Starting from 25€

depending on several factors:


the number of affirmations, the length of the audio,
the type of instrumental music to compose, how many and which musical instruments to record, etc.

This is a very POWERFUL TOOL
in the manifestation of the life you always wanted

You can place your budget request today
through the form on the right side!

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