I am a powerful creator!

I manifest the life that I want!

Secrets and Laws 

for a positive mindset, a higher vibration and a successful life


Mission and Values


more positive thinking

as well as connecting with your inner voice through the use of music,

meditation and powerful

positive affirmations


intuition and creativity


seeking to develop self-worth and self-esteem


the vibrational frequency

bringing constant moods of joy,

peace and gratitude in your daily life 

and contributing to a higher rate of success in achieving personal and professional goals


healthier habits


through meditation and the concept of self care


a mente consciente e subconsciente


compreendendo quais as crenças limitantes que possam estar a atuar, e como as ultrapassar

That audio specifically managed to elevate me to such an extent that once again I believed that everything was going to be possible

Verónica de Carvalho


Freelancer in Digital Marketing

   Fátima Teixeira is simply amazing!

   She produced and recorded a customized meditation song just for me and it is so awesome! I enjoy listening to it and meditating with it in the morning. I feel great and keep a positive, high energy mindset all through the day!

   I visit this website often to to find out what amazing things Fátima is working on. You have crossed paths with Fátima and her beautiful messages via this website. Let this be the day that you experience your better life through Fátima's beautiful music and inspiring ideas...

   Thank you Fátima for all that you do to elevate the world and for being a part of so many people's better, happier, and more successful lives! 

   Sincerely and Gratefully,

   Shawn McDonald,

   Real Estate Professional

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