Portuguese Language Course for those who:

  • Desire to do a life transformation, bringing dreams to reality!

  • Wish to develop a mindset of abundance and prosperity, living an exciting day by day!

  • Are ready to write and produce a film ... the film of your life!

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe,
it can achieve"

                  - Napoleon Hill

Knowledge and Experience... about how:

  • you can co create your reality

  • the brain and your current reality are related

  • you can reprogram your mind, removing limiting beliefs and limiting thoughts

  • you develop a mindset of abundance and prosperity

  • you build affirmations with the language of the brain and the universe 

  • you manifest specifically in each area of your life, namely loving, professional, social and spiritual

  • you apply the laws of the universe (some referred to are, for example, law of attraction, law of compensation, law of duplication, law of opposites, ...)

  • there are so important concepts as burning desire, decision, awareness

  • you can implement concepts like mastermind, auto-suggestion

  • you practice gratitude throughout the day through a fun game

  • you write and produce the movie of your life

This is a special course because it brings together a great investigation of mine, as well as the teachings and experiences with great masters and successful mentors that I was honored to have!
Everything I have today in my life I manifested using these
universal laws and secrets! Those who accompany me know
how my life has changed and how positive I feel abour life!💖
It's not just about manifesting € 15,000 for a car or
$ 6,500 for a course, home or daycare...
it's about manifesting a happy, full and exciting lifestyle!
                  - Fátima Teixeira

Only about 14 minutes a day for 10 days!

This course includes affirmations and guidelines,

and although it is more explanatory, it contains small meditative moments integrated into the topic of each day.

Covered Topics

Neuroplasticity, Laws of the Universe, Affirmations, Vibrational Frequency, High Energy, Abundance and Positivity Mindset

References and Mentors

Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Joe Dispenza, Earl Nightingale, Abraham Hicks, Shawn McDonald, and many others!


This course is accessible to everyone who really wants to change their lives and manifest their dreams !!!


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Within the course there is a virtual classroom

where you can ask your questions,
they will be answered by me in audio format!

In love with the course of


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Juliana Prata

university professor

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